Benefits Of Using An Exclusive Buyers Agent

Benefits of using an Exclusive Buyers AgentWhen you work with an Exclusive Buyer Broker, you will avoid any conflict of interest that exists with traditional agency representation. This is because Exclusive Buyers Agents never list homes for sale, therefore never work for a seller. Never again will you have to question whether your agent is completely loyal to you, nor, will you have to narrow your search for your perfect home to only those homes not listed within your agents firm.

Buyers Only Realty never lists homes, never thinks like a seller and never tries to “sell” you a home. Our objective is to serve you, protect your interests, and help you “buy” the best home on the best terms, at the best price!

All we have to “sell” is time, expertise and advocacy. We will leave no stone unturned in the search for the right home, whether listed, unlisted, for sale by owner, new construction or foreclosures. As your adviser, negotiator and consultant, you can rest easy knowing that your best interests will always be our #1 priority.

Important Considerations

  •  Not all buyer’s agents are Exclusive Buyer’s Agents – Real estate companies and Realtors who also  list homes for sale are NOT Exclusive Buyer’s Agents.
  • An Exclusive Buyer’s Agent does not list homes for sale – They specialize in representing the buyer and negotiating the best price and terms for home buyers only.
  • As an educated home buyer — you do have a choice in the type of real estate agent you want to represent you — as an exclusive buyer broker, we will bargain hard to save you time and money without any additional cost to you!Exclusive Agency removes the blinders that other real estate agency relationships put in place during a transaction.
  •  Hire a real estate professional to be your personal adviser, consultant and negotiator. An exclusive buyer’s agent contract will be signed between you and the buyer’s agent to insure that your rights are protected.
  • Studies have shown that buyers who use an exclusive buyer’s agent save an average of 6% off the listing price of the home.
  • No out-of-pocket costs to the home buyer — there are many ways that buyer’s agents are paid. The most common is accepting the listing agent’s commission split that has already been built into their listing agreement with the seller. You do not pay the commission separate from the transaction.
  • Watch out for realtors® who call themselves“buyer’s agents”but also list homes for sale — they are not “specialists” dedicated exclusively to serving buyers. They can not represent your best interest if you choose a home listed by them or their principle broker. Ask yourself this question. If you had a heart problem, would you go to your family doctor or would you go to the best heart doctor you could find? That’s the difference between a traditional Realtor® and an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent.
  • Exclusive Buyers Agents are specifically trained consultants focused on Buyer Clients. –  We offer services that you would not normally receive from a traditional seller-based agency; the highest level of advocacy for the home buyer.

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